Monday, January 30, 2012

Things i love and i hate.

I love :
my TAB ;)

"love me, love me, say that u love me"

"Bagai menconteng arang ke muka" haha!

"shop till u drop" kikiki ;)

let me be a flower princess ;)

"im bcoming a mama soon"

"its complete me"

 I hate :
"wearing a hi-heel make me look stupid"
"i hate reading a book"
"im not that type of ladies. sorry"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ouhh Me!

Please dun hurt me again!
Im still in trauma! Fobia! Frustrated!
I don't want to keep the pain! but it was! a scar in my heart! and it's hurt! 
Yes i feel dying!
And Im still crying!
So dun keep promising me again!

Hanna Maria Shoppe

This is my first business. im still new in business world. sumtime feel giveup. but i try my best to archive what i want. berangan ofcourse! nak ade butiks sndiri sumday. amin amin ;) smoga ALLAH swt memurahkn rezeki. 

This is my link for the page :
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Happy Shopping with Hanna Maria Shoppe